in good time.

            I knew these eight weeks would fly by. I knew I would be at the end of the trip wondering how it could have gone so fast. So here I am, trying to grasp the fact that this time next week I will have already been home for a day, that I will be getting ready to start my senior year of college while planning and praying about what to do next. I went into this trip believing God would give me an answer about what to do after college, even if it was just knowing whether or not I would stay in the States or go abroad. It wasn’t too long after getting here that God took away that expectation.

            We usually didn’t know our ministry for the week until Sunday night and even then there was a possibility of it changing throughout the week. We didn’t know if we would be coming back to the ministry we were at so we had to take in the time we had there for what it was, irreplaceable. Thinking about what we would do the next week or even that afternoon took away from the people that were with us in that moment.

            I wanted to come home with the assurance of what I should do after school, but instead I’m coming home with the assurance that all I am promised is today. I’m leaving these two months knowing that God is above my perception of time because His is perfect. I’m leaving knowing that in whatever time I have, I am called to seek The Lord. By seeking Him day by day, I will automatically be in His plan for me. I don’t have to worry about the future or the past because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will lead me to the future by me simply being with Him now.

            I think of how quickly my team bonded, how much we’ve grown together in this short amount of time, and how we have learned to “LIVE FOR TODAY!” as my teammate Mandy will yell if you mention coming days. We’ve lived knowing this time will end but that this is only the beginning. God has used this time in so many ways for each of us and He is going to continue to do so as we go home, as we enter into a new time. I am sad to begin preparing to leave this beautiful country and incredible people, but I know that God has immeasurably more for each of us as we continue to seek Him. He has an abundant, full life as we choose His Kingdom above all else. To my team, I know this is your heart and I’m so excited to see you all walk in it. I love you all so much.

            I’m not leaving with the perfect plan all spelled out for me, but I am going home knowing God’s plan is perfect and I find that by simply being with Him wherever I am.