savoring slow

Illegible handwriting written on sticky notes are scattered on my planner, curriculum books, and desk. I forget to throw them away or there is just one thing on them that I still need to remember.

Its rushed, remembering all the things. We make lists and put reminders everywhere so we don’t forget to send the email, read the article, print and pass out homework (always need a reminder for this one) or call someone on their birthday. Feeling all together is really just an accomplishment in the task of remembering it all.

I’m a list maker and sticky note writer. I love that feeling of getting everything done on the list or sticky note. But sometimes, it makes me feel more scattered and more hurried (which, I often am too).

This morning, I’m feeling that pull. Its the tug to go, move, do, when all I want to do is sit and breath. There is always something I can do for school, but it can wait. There is always something I can worry or stress about, but it can wait. What cannot wait is taking the time to sit.


I pulled open Psalm 16 this morning and was tempted to skip over the beginning. The second half is much more what I was wanting for the day, but that would have been rushing. While being tempted to not take part in the sacrifices of blood isn’t necessarily what was on my heart this morning, thinking about the dedication of the writer of this Psalm could be. Thinking about the turmoil going on around this writer, while he or she was trying to stay devoted, whether or not that is something directly related to me, is still something worth thinking about.

I’m on day 17 of this whole30 thing and it’s the longest I’ve stuck to something in a long time. I’m tempted to say that was good enough and rush to it being over, but who knows what can be found or learned in the sitting? Even when something seems to not be what we want or are wanting to reach for, I’m reminded this morning to not fast forward what is meant to be slow and savored, even if it’s not something we necessarily want to savor.

When there are lists and stickies all pulling you today, I hope you have the time to breath slow, even if it is just for a minute.

2 thoughts on “savoring slow

  1. Hi Beautiful Granddaughter. I’ve come this far, to be able to read your newest posts. It’s a grand thing to do so – to see the thoughts forming on the page. Used to read them all the time, but then you took a hiatus and so did I. I love he brevity of some of the short psalms and I love to read your words.

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